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Great Brands Speak a Language like none others!

What is Brand Building?

A Brand is an identity which requires attention from the basics from designing your Logo till the whole brand establishment. 

According to Nielsen research, 59% of the consumers only prefer to buy from the brands that they recognise. So we can try a small game below. Try Identify the following Brands: 

Toyota Logo
Apple Logo
Nike Logo
Rolex Logo

If you are able to identify all, this is the impact that Brand Building creates! 

Where to Start?

Branding can be a complicated sector as your Brand will require the utmost attention and cannot be compromised in any ways. Lets look at a few things that are required for Branding:

Logo Creation Services
Designing Services
Brand Manual Creation
Branding Services


If you have identified the four Logos in the top of the Page, then you must have understood how important it is for your Brand to have a simple yet elegant logo. 

Logo is the cornerstone of your company. There are various types of Logos like:

  1. Simple Unicolor Logo

  2. Name itself can be a Logo like Google

  3. 3D Logos

  4. Creative Logo

  5. and so many more!

Logo GIF


Infographics of Assam

A Part of developing a Brand is the overall development of the Creative Aspect of how the Mascot of the Brand has to be or the Creative look of the whole Brand. 

A small example of this can be the Mascot of McDonalds. It is found in almost all the McDonalds outlet sitting outside the store. 

That is how strong the whole Brand Identity can be established with Designing. 



A Brand Manual is the identity of your company. Its the first thing that people will recall about your brand. 

Every time you communicate with your Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, Customers or someone who is randomly visiting your Brand has to have a pleasing experience of your Brand. 

A Manual give a detailed explanation of how, why and what elements with Font Styles and Colour Variations that you can use with your Brand. 

Sample of Brand Manual


Branding is often confused with only a Logo or Slogan or a Tag Line but its not just about that. Branding is usually a 360 Degree view of your brand. It involves a broader aspect of Customer Experience from your Logo, Website, Social Media, Hoardings, Creatives, Staff Clothing etc. 

Branding is about a better Positioning of your brand in consumer minds, its about the right Targeting Strategy and an overall Brand Experience. Think of Rolex! You will instantly think of Luxury. That is how Brand Positioning works. 

We help you build great Brands even from scratch or a Brand that is already there but needs to revamp or reinvent itself. 


"A Brand without Branding is like a Body without it's Soul!"

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