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Types of Paid Promotions

Paid Promotions are the fastest way to make your Brand reach millions of people with a specific result oriented ad set by spending money.

There are lot of variants that you can choose to run your promotions on different platforms and it will be a really complex to write every detail but we will try to cover as much as possible. So majorly its divided into Search Engines and Social Media Platforms.


Search Engines

Search Engines have developed a way to reach to a much wider audience with the Ad Services that they have developed. For Google it is called Ad Words, Bing is called Bing Ads while Yahoo has Yahoo Gemini! 

Yahoo Gemini Logo
AdWords Logo
Bing Logo

Google Ad Words

Google Ad Words is one of the most famously used Paid Promotions in the world. With huge number of people searching on Google, it is one of the most famous Promotion Tool. You can use various Strategies and Google Provides Ads across varieties of its products which is an added advantage as most of the platforms that it puts the Ad on are universally famous. 

Let's see some of the options where you can find the Ads Placed: 

Google Ad Example

Here the Search Results that are marked in the Yellow are the ones where your Ads are usually placed. 

Mostly it depends on the Bidding Strategy  of your keywords as to where your website will get the placement. 

This is the most common type of Ad that is run by the Agencies as this has observed to have a great number of Conversions. 

The second type of Ad Placements is in Local Business Listing. 

When you are looking for a specific service or a product, there will be lot of options that will be provided but as a separate part of the entity, Business Listings helps a lot when it comes to getting higher rate of impressions on your website. 

The ones that are marked in Yellow is a complete Business Listing profile. 

Google Ad Placements

There are many such Placements that we can look into in detail but let's first understand what are the different types of Campaigns that you can run to be target specific to your Business Requirements. 

Google AdWords Campaign Types

Bing & Yahoo!

The above are all the examples of Campaigns that you can run for your Google AdWords specific to your business. Bing and Yahoo also has a similar format but they do not have such a comprehensive list of Campaign types because of the lack of Products. 

Bing is still very useful when you have to market your Brands in the countries like:

USA Flag


UK Flag


Australia Flag


Canada Flag


France Flag


and many other Asian Countries around the world!


Social Media Ad Manager

Social media campaigns have been one of the most uncertain ways to reaching to the audience. In our experience it is all about Brand Awareness and less about Conversions. Lets understand the top platforms for running Campaigns: 

Facebook Logo
Instagram Logo
Linkedin Logo
Snapchat Logo
YouTube Logo

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager is the same. To keep it simple, Facebook never separately created the Ad Manager for Instagram so you can access all the promotional statistics from a single platform. 

Facebook Ads Manager has the highest number of options for Promoting your Products or Services on various platforms and this huge variants helps reach a much larger and the most detailed targeted audience. Lets have a glance at their Campaign Options: 

Facebook Ad Options

Every option here has a different set of usage and can be used as per the requirement of your Brand. 


One of the best platforms where Professionals share the ideas and content, this platform does not have such huge varieties of Campaign Creation option like Facebook yet! The ones that are there are usually sufficient but there are only 3. Let's have a look: 

Linkedin Ad Options


The trend keeps changing and though with all the controversies there are still hardcore Snapchat lovers out there and we as Brands always want to reach to the potential audiences. Snapchat is for the Youngsters and so the Brand Language has to be set accordingly so it appeals to them. 

There are certain options that Snapchat offers for your Campaigns: 

Snapchat Ad Options


Fun Fact: The world's second largest search engine after Google is Youtube! 

YouTube ads can be run through Google Ad Words as well as from the YouTube platform directly. There are fewer options though if you select going from the YouTube platform  as the simple it is, the wider its usage. 

YouTube Ad Options
Social Media

"Brands are not built overnight is such an outdated statement! In this Digital World, a Brand can be built Overnight and be Successful!"

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