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10 Advanced SEO techniques to increase Traffic

Did you know that 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search request?

SEO is very important and if you wish to increase the traffic and brand awareness, you must have the required expertise.

Here, we have shared 10 advanced SEO techniques that are sure to boost your traffic and improve your rankings on search engines.

1. Make your website responsive

Don’t be surprised. If you know this and still haven't worked on it, it is time to get it over with. You must ensure that your website is responsive or in other words, mobile friendly.

According to a study almost 60% of the searches are done on a mobile device. Therefore, it is imperative to have a website that not only looks good on a mobile device but is also functional. Additionally, Google boosts results rankings of websites that are mobile friendly.

So, if your website isn’t responsive yet, here’s your chance. Get it done at the earliest.

2. Design SEO optimized Landing Pages

A landing page with a clean layout and having professional graphics can improve your lead generation and sales. It is one of the best ways to create gateways for incoming search traffic and build a strong relationship with your users.

According to MarketingSherpa, approximately 44% of the clicks go to a homepage and not a landing page. Although homepage is important, you must make sure to have an attractive landing page as it can help build a better relationship with your customers.

A good landing page must have the following key elements;

· No navigation (helps in retaining user’s attention!)

· Relevant and informative content

· A proper call to action

3. Understand your users first

Focus on what your customers need. It is a very important aspect.

Once you understand your customer’s requirements, you can develop content to attract them. Majority of the customers will land on your Blog Page or Home Page. If these two are attractive enough, you might not have to worry about sales!

4. Write Quality Blog of around 1900 Words

According to Backlinko’s analysis, it was found that on an average the first-page search result had roughly 1900 words.

A study also reveals that content having over 1500 words received almost double the share on social media than the ones having less than 1500 words. Publishing informative content of over 1890 words consistently will yield better results in organic search results.

Well, this does not imply that number of words is everything. A short blog having high quality images, infographics and compelling language can outperform a long, low-quality blog.

5. Write a round-up post

A roundup post includes an interview of a few people discussing the same topic or a list of best of something.

It helps you get different viewpoints on the same article and enables you understand things from a new perspective. All this will boost your traffic and eventually your SEO rankings.

Simple example of this can be:

Top 10 Coffee Shops near you!

Top 5 expensive cars in the world...

Top 3 places to visit this summer!

6. Use AdWords in your on-page SEO

Always, always look for keyword ideas in Google AdWords search ads. These ads are short and optimized for target keywords. Try and develop an article for the same keyword. This can help you rank well organically and also establish you among your customers. Remember to establish yourself high organically instead of relying on paid advertising.

7. Update your old content

Yes. You heard that right! If you have a goldmine of content in your archive, it is advisable to put it to good use.

Recycle, re-use are not just for plastic and another products. You can use it for your content too!

Use some of your old posts (the ones still generating traffic ) and re-use them in a new way. Improve their content and leverage their authority to get higher rankings.

8. Build links using broken link opportunities on Wikipedia

Although this is a powerful way of generating authoritative backlinks to your content, it is over-looked by most marketers.

Find dead links on Wikipedia and claim them your own!

Citation needed and dead links are the two types of links you can get from Wikipedia. Write a post about the topic having credible information. This can help you get valuable links from Wikipedia.

You may use tools such as WikiGrabber to find link opportunities on Wikipedia. All you need to do is, enter your keyword and search. That simple. Go ahead try it out today!

9. Optimize content for RankBrain

Search engines keep evolving and you have to keep yourself updated if you want to thrive in the search rankings. You will have to be aware of Google’s latest algorithm and SEO practices.

RankBrain, an algorithm, is an artificial intelligence system and is Google’s third most important ranking factor. It understand your content and connects a search with relevant results. So, make sure to impress it.

10. Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles

An effective strategy to ensure that each page title and post has a keyword is to include multiple keywords in each page title. However, make sure to not be spammy as it can have reverse effects.

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