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How to Create a Brand Like Apple?

We all have been mesmerised with Brands like Apple, Samsung, Haley Davidson and so many such cult brands that we have almost lost our sane to their products. We would stand hours in line just to get our hands on such prolific companies and their products.

What is the reason so such enormous success?

Is it that Apple had something that the others didn't? All companies like Dell, HP and so many more, had the same access to Resources, same access to Talents and same Market Conditions! But why some brands can flow while others cannot?

Simon Sinek's 3 Golden rules have been an eye opener for many and asking a really simple question WHY, helps understand where you stand in the daunting age of competition. This video will make you understand why some companies or some people have enormous success and others don't. What is that thin line that divides them?

Lets Check it out:

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