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6 MISTAKES to Avoid while creating Social Media Content

As a marketer, do you feel that your content is the best? It has all the qualities to entertain, inform and engage the audience? Well, if it really is the case then you must be really good at your work. However, if it is not, then you may be doing more harm than good.

It is worth noting that both paid and organic success on social media depends a lot on the quality of your content strategy. It is important that you understand what your audience likes and does not like.

If you really want to keep your audience happy and engaged then avoid these six mistakes.

1. Too wordy or too Poorly written content:

Keep in mind that extremely wordy or poorly written is a big turn off for consumers. Make sure to keep the language clear and concise. You can ask your team member to review your content for quality just to be safe. As humans, we are fallible and perfection is not the concern when it comes to social media. However, it is important to keep in mind that customers look for easy to understand and relevant content.

2. Avoid content that is too Personalized or Creepy:

Personalization is great but too much of it can be creepy. Although is important to stay relevant to the situation, personalization should not freak your consumers. Facebook has faced a lot of flak for data sharing, you wouldn’t want your marketing strategy to get overshadowed by consumers feeling like you are spying on them.Try and offer a valuable solution and not give the creepy feeling that you know everything about them.

Poorly designed content:

Visual content has to be appealing in all terms. You need to understand that you are creating content with a view to converting social media users into clients. Therefore, it is imperative that you channelize your efforts in ensuring that your creative is attractive and rich. You can ask a team member to help you out with the creatives in case designing isn't your forte. You may also look up for the latest templates and designs.

Content not optimized for all devices:

If your content is not optimized for all the devices you are missing out on a lot of things on social media. Screen size varies across devices and it is imperative that you customize the content to the device it will be consumed on. Facebook recommends mobile-first creative as the best advertising practice. This is because most social media content browsing takes place on a mobile device. In short, make sure that the content is easy to read and great to look on every device.

Content without video or images:

A survey reveals that around 17% of consumers do not enjoy reading content that has no images and videos. While people still enjoy reading, consumers prefer fun images and video in the content to simply textual content. Additionally, social media platforms reward brands that use photos and videos in their content. Therefore, you should make using photos and videos as an integral part of your content strategy.

Posting old content over and over:

You must have a different coupon promotion strategy for your existing customers and for your potential customers. You can also think of a common strategy that can serve both –customers as well as potential customers. Avoid publishing redundant promotions to users who have already been converted to customers and can’t utilize any of your offers. It is estimated that around 16% of consumers are annoyed by content that promotes something they have already purchased.


It is best to avoid the above-mentioned mistake and minimize the risk of annoying your social media users. Do remember, that the objective of posting content on social media is to attract customers. If they don’t like your content, they are less likely to buy from you.

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