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Best SEO Tips and Tricks 2018

SEO 2018 Tips & Tricks

SEO has been a very Crucial part of success for any website and as soon as Google updates its Algorithm, we make sure that we study every detail of it to give you the best Tips and Tricks so you can rank higher than all your competitors.

What are the Best SEO Tips and Tricks of 2018?

SEO has always been a very keen topic as there is always something new to learn and the best in this sector are not the teachers like us but your competitors!

It is always a great practice to keep a track of your competitors and what strategies are they using to rank up against you. Lets start breaking up SEO to the best we can so you can implement those strategies to your daily basket of things to do:

Content is still the King!

Content is the King

We all must be living in the myth that smaller the content the better. But most of the major Content creation that has ranked top in SEO are the in-depth research articles and Moz usually does the best in that!

It has been observed that the longer the content and the better it cover the details of the topic that you are talking about, the higher you have the chances to rank much higher.

People usually feel that long articles must bore the users but Quality over Quantity is what matter! Keep your articles Crisp and full of Engaging Information.

One of my friend asked me:

"Hey Kushal, I have been putting so much content on my blog but there is no increase in the number of users. You said keep adding quality content but I am not able to see result. What should I do?"

I went and checked his Blog and I found that he disabled Robot.txt so none of the crawlers came to his website. I told him and he rectified. He started seeing positive results on his Website:

Google Analytics Results

But how much time does it take?

Content virality depends on how good your content is and what are you actually doing to promote the same. But when we talk about SEO, Google will usually take around 2 to 3 months or even more to get your articles on the top ranking pages.

So you must think that my content will get old by the time Google indexes it! How do I solve that?

Do not try putting up repeated content but try to update the content that you have previously posted. This will send a message to Google that you are not only avoiding the previous outdated content but you are upgrading it so there might be something amazing there!


Your content will suddenly start appearing on lot of top ranking search results and you will be benefited with lot of amazing new traffic on your website!

Tag Optimizations...

This might sound very general as most of you do it and then forget about it but Tags are most crucial when it comes to people finding out about your business. Like for us, we are a Digital Marketing Agency so our Tags look something like below:

Keeping a close watch on your competitors Tags will help you identify where you might be losing out on as this is still one of the factors that helps Google understand what niche business practices are you in!

New Search Console is here!

Google has been working on the New Version of Search Console so it goes with other products like Ad Words or Analytics. The current Search Console looks like a primitive from the era of when Google started but with the launch of the New Beta Version, they are giving a glimpse of how the whole thing will appear.

New Search Console

Do note that Google has still to update the Beta Version and work seems to be going at a really slow pace as there are only 2 features that are also in construction and we still have to use the old console for most of the work and Analytics.

The reason that Search Console can play a major role in deciding your SEO is because it gives you a detailed result of the Search terms that people are using and optimizing the content to their search queries will help you get a much wider reach!

Search Console Analysis

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) is around less than 2%. Anything above that is your bonus! As you can see most of the traffic is coming not for my services but for my content. This in turn is giving me traffic on my page thereby increasing engagement through completely organic traffic.

The sudden increase in the charts is because of the update that I usually keep doing to my old articles so they can rank better when Crawlers come and take the data back to Google.

Try these Strategies and be patient as the expected results might take more than 6 months to achieve.

There is no shortcut for achieve long term success!

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