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Best SEO Tips and Tricks | 2018

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Best SEO Tips & Tricks | 2018

SEO in 2018, is still one of the reigning marketing strategies that not just helps you get traffic to your website but also help your business scale. This is the 4th version of the Post and this will help you understand the SEO Tricks to be followed in 2018.

We have kept this part super simple so it's not a really complex article of things that you will need to read through. However, there may be chances that you have come across some of the Strategies in our previous Blogs of SEO Tips & Tricks - Part 3

The SEO 2018 is divided into 8 simple parts which needs to be paid attention the most!

1. Title Tag Power- ups

Boring title tags are a passé. Use Title tag power-ups if you wish to get more traffic to your website.

Google Search

Some popular title tags power-ups are;

  • Awesome

  • Guide

  • Crazy

  • How to

  • Research

  • New

  • Results

  • Amazing

  • Proven

  • Fast

  • Step-by-Step

2. Delete ‘Dead’ pages

Why keep pages that simply don’t bring in any traffic? It is best to delete such pages. This will help you get higher rankings and more traffic. In fact, an e-commerce site is believed to have got 31% more traffic and higher rankings after it deleted all its zombie pages.

Error 404

This is a good strategy as Google does not rank sites having low-quality and boring content. Google, in fact, prefers one strong page instead of many small pages.

So, it is recommended that you have one strong page with compelling content that can help you get increased traffic instead of several ‘dead ’pages’

3. Thorough market research

A thorough industry research is one of the best ways to get effective backlinks. You can get backlinks from authority blogs and websites only of you do a thorough research about your industry.

4. Please the Google Hummingbird

Simply filling your content with targeted keywords will not get you anywhere. Instead try and understand Google’s hummingbird algorithm. The algorithm goes beyond keywords and instead focuses on the topic of your content.

Google Humming Bird

In order to optimize content for the hummingbird, you can;

  • Include variation of your main keyword in the content

  • Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. These are keywords that help Google to understand the content better. LSI in very simple terms mean, the terms that are related to your Blog. Suppose you wrote a Blog on Travel, so the LSI Keywords would be "Flights", "Accommodation" etc.

  • Don't try your way out through Black Hat techniques as that will eventually catch up with updates and you will have a problem with Ranking or even get your website Blocked.

6. Use more of Video, podcasts and Infographics

Make sure not to cram your website with too much content as today, users are much more averse to the idea of Rich Content. Many would not like to read huge details of content but probably would have more interaction with your Rich Content.

7. Include more outbound links

One of the easiest white hat strategies to get more traffic to your website is by using outbound links.

Use outbound links to related pages and you are sure to get more traffic to your pages.

Relevant outbound links help Google to understand that your page has good information on it.

8. Present your old content in a new way

You must be having a lot of content on your website. However, not all the content may help you get traffic. Also, remember, today users are more informed and read content that is able to hold their attention for more than 4 seconds.

So, if you have some content that is old and is not getting you enough traffic,its high time you give it a new life!

There are many more strategies that work towards getting traffic to your website and increase your revenue. You need to find the one that works for you and build on it.

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