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Content Marketing Effectiveness

Content Marketing is a work of Patience. But for many, the real question is how long does it take for Google to register your Content and really do some awesome work of Marketing?

Content Marketing

First thing to remember is that you don't have to publish your content regularly on Social Media Platforms or your Blogs. There are various marketing strategies which says that you have to do it but if you do not have a quality content and you are still uploading, you will not see a significant increase in the traffic.

How does Google Index your Content?

Google takes a lot of time to index your content. The usual time is around 2 years to properly reach a larger audience. This time depends on various factors:

1. Are you using paid marketing strategy or not? For paid marketing you might see instant results but it is still not very well indexed in Google Registers. It will take shorter time but then you will see a sudden downfall as the content might not be reaching the desired audience organically.

2. The other factor is Backlinks that are there in your content or Back links on other blogs. Once you start receiving different audiences from different sources, you will see better search results for your Content Strategy.

3. Consistency is the key though! Do not suddenly stop uploading for a very long duration of time. This will disrupt the algorithm which is set for your website. Every website is crawled regularly to understand how effective or updated it is with Original content and the day you stop it thinks that the website has gone offline. Keep posting on regular days maybe once a week or once in 15 days. Once decided do not stop!

To know more of how you can effectively use SEO for your website, you can start reading the Articles on SEO!

Stay tuned for more informative content!

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