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Google I/O 2018 Biggest Announcements!

Google i/o 2018

Google wrapped up its first keynote of major announcements with 3 hours of continues awe! The most humungous change that they have brought to seems to be their Data Servers. They have introduced Liquid Cooling technology which will be much smoother and efficient for data processing of such high volumes. But you might think why liquid cooling? Google Search worked just fine for everyone, what will some more milliseconds faster search help?

That is not the case!

Major focus of the complete keynote have been on a Single Domain: MACHINE LEARNING!

So no matter how much we think that computers will not enter our personal life, they have already did and Google is making sure that when they do, they have the control on them. But let us focus on the Announcements of the day!

Android P

We all have been waiting for Android P and there were lot of speculations in the names of what can the P be, but yesterday it was confirmed that it is nothing more than P. So no more candy names it seems. Few Main Highlights are:

  • The Machine Learning Technology with its new Chip called TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) Version 3.

  • A new Home Button (inspired from Apple iPhone X).

  • A cleaner interface for Notifications and the overall UI and UX

  • Adaptive Battery: A tie up with DeepMind gives a better Battery Life by understand what Apps will be required instantly and what will be required at a later stage, giving 30% higher battery life.

  • Two terms have been added for a better App experience: Slices & Actions. If you have to search for an uber and you search the App in Google, it will show you to book a cab for home or office directly, without actually going in the App.

  • Google introduced "Dashboard", a way through which you will be able to have a glance of how many times in a day you unlock your phone or what App you have used for more than you actually need. You can set timers on individual apps to remind you to not use it for more than certain hours a day.

  • Wind Down: It must have happened to you that you are going to sleep and you turn on your phone and boom 1 hour gone. Wind Down put the phone with its app in Greyscale mode so you do not feel much excitement and helps you put your phone aside.

Have a look at a brief look on Android P:

Google Lens

Remember Amazon Firephones? The astonishing tech that they put in developing the phone is a part of the overall progress that we have seen in the technology, be it Samsung Bixby or Google Lens. With the new Announcement, Google Lens are ready to take your Daily search to the next stage all together. So lets look at all the amazing features:

  • Now you can open your Google lens and just scan the text in the real world and that can be copy pasted without going into the hassle of take a photo > converting it to a doc file and then copy pasting the same.

  • There is a new system called Style Match, where you can take photos of products in real world like bags, shoes, wallets, etc. and Google Lens will take it to its millions of data rich servers and find almost the same or similar products that you can buy directly from the vendors or merchants where the image is found from.

Google Assistant

The biggest revamp and the most astonishing thing that we have seen in the complete i/o was Assistant. There have been tremendous improvements in the whole functionality which is almost like we are brought in future.

  • The first improvement that they were able to do was with the Sound that Google Assistant made. It was always a robotic feel that we have felt, but with Machine Learning, this has turned to a more seamless experience of talking to a real person than a robotic voice. They have introduced 6 new voices and one of the is of John Legend! Yes you have heard it right...

  • The second was Google Duplex. Now you will not even have to take the hassle of going through the tedious task of booking appointments in Salons, Restaurants and all these places. Google Assistant will do that for you! This feels like a sci-fi but it is not. Though booking an appointment on all these places is still a new concept in many developing countries and will not be used that much in the coming years but for developed countries this is like a boon!

I can't write more but you should check this out!

Google Photos

There has not been much update on the front of Google Photos but as it seems, Photos have always been a complicated thing to understand. There are some small scale filter level changes that they have brought called Color Pop but apart from that there was not much.

The next day Google brought the Photos app to the Developers and have asked them to develop something that is really amazing in terms of UI. It seems that they are not able to solve the issue of simplifying such a huge level of data that is generated by individual. But there is more to the event!


Gmail has already got a huge revamp and we have written about it in our previous Blog of how you can activate the new Gmail.

But with today, there was more than just the redesigned application. The announcement was all about Smart Compose. Have a look at it:


Google Maps have been one of the features that have created many Billion dollar business like Uber, Lyft, Swiggy, etc. It has empowered every person on earth to control where they have to go with the right directions. The technology developed in such a short time is simply inexplainable, but it is time to take it to the Next Stage!

So what are the nuances?

There have been so many times that you have to look at that Blue Dot to understand what direction you need to head to reach you destination but now Google has integrated it with the Street View! So when you open the Maps, you can start your camera and just aim at the building in front and it will tell you, in which direction to go just like Need For Speed (if you are a gamer you will understand the reference).

You should definitely check this video to understand the same:

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