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How to get more Traffic on E-commerce Site?

Increase Traffic on E-Commerce

Online E-Commerce market is filled with e-commerce sellers and marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart etc. These huge dynamos are spending millions of dollars a month to get their SEO right and get more and more traffic on their website.

If you are a small time E-Commerce Startup or even an established one, you must be spending a bomb on Social Media Marketing which is the case of every other E-Commerce Site. People are focusing less on SEO and bringing Organic Traffic to their website thinking who would want to enter such a cut throat competitive market of whales. But let me give you some tips to get you through those giants and still get a great ranking for your website.

1. Domain Authority:

We all know that one of the most important Ranking Factor in Google is the Quality and Quantity of Backlinks that your website has, but this also is applicable for the E-commerce websites.

But the bad news is, Backlinks are usually to a blog or an article. They usually do not point to a specific product page on your e-com site. So how do you generate a Backlink?

Its simple!

Create awesome content on your website and point it to various other informative giants like Amazon. To give you a small example, you can write a content on the Top Trending Smartphones in the Industry. Give quality links to Amazon and once people start clicking from your Blog post to Amazon, Google will understand that it is pointing to a page which is improving the buying behaviour of Amazon and thus will improve your ranking. So its a win-win for both!

2. Product Page Optimization:

The most important page on your website is still the Product Page and not the Blog. Blogs are to boost the traffic but you have to keep in mind that Product Page Optimization is of Prime Importance.

How do you do that?

When you are uploading a Product say "Bluetooth Speaker", in your Title Tag do not use just the name of the website but think from the perspective of the customer who is going to Google and searching for a Bluetooth Speaker. Try adding small string in the front or the end of the Title Tag to Boost it, like "Cheap Bluetooth Speaker" or "Best Bluetooth Speaker".

When people are searching for products online the most used Keywords are:

a. Cheap

b. Deals

c. Free

d. Best

e. Online Shopping

f. Reviews

Try using these keywords in various format for your title tag and you will see drastic change in the Organic Search Results.

3. Magnets Words:

Magnets Words are the eye candies for customer as well as Google. Magnet words should be in your Title Tag for improving your CTR (Click Through Rate).

Higher CTR = More Traffic = More Sales = Higher Ranking = Higher CTR

Let me give you an example of how you can optimize for Product Category Title Tags with Magnet Keywords:

a. X% off

b. Lowest prices

c. 24 hour delivery

d. Sale

e. Return

4. Content is the King:

No matter what people say but Content still rules! Put at least 1000 words of Unique content explaining about the product, its Specs, Warranty, Color, Types, Sizes, etc. The higher quality of content you provide the better ranking you will achieve.

Content combined with Rich Media like a Video or an Image will help boost the conversions to a very higher percentage. This is because many people do not want to read through the long bunch of content but Google wants to understand you better. To balance them both, a Video for the Customer and Content for Google. Win-Win for both!

5. Website Architecture:

Architecture is like a Blueprint of your whole website. Google sends something called as Crawlers as which crawls through your websites blueprint to understand different pages and the weightage that each page has. The more simpler the Architect, the better it is for the web crawler to move and collect the data and Index it on Google Servers.

What is the ideal Website Architecture?

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