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How to go viral organically?

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

How to go viral organically

Undoubtedly, you can make your brand viral by creating exceptional campaigns and spending huge amount of money on ads. However, did you know that all this may really not be required? Here, we have compiled a few tips that will help you build your brand without spending much.

1. Take advantage of insecurities and fears

Felt rude or uncomfortable? This is what Marketeers have been doing. Let us explain why...

By nature, humans are fearful. If you want to work your brand’s charm on your audience, make sure to take advantage of their fear and insecurities. For example, most hair oil or shampoo ads will show you losing hair and create the scare of you going bald and then speak about their product that will undo the damage.

Now, this works great because nobody wants to lose hair! People will surely go to any extent to ensure they have a head full of hair. In fact, you will be surprised to know that most cosmetic giants make use of consumer insecurities to a great extent and turn it in their favor.

These ads try to drive the sense of compulsion in you making you believe that their product is right for you and eventually it helps the brand live longer.

Do you know why rings are given during engagement?

Because it is a symbol of love? It's complete crap! It's a great marketing strategy that was started in 1930 by a Diamond company called De Beers and it picked up really so much so that it became a sort of a tradition. Today, we believe that rings are a part of an Engagement ceremony. Don't believe us? Watch this:

2. Get the Emotions Right!

Of late, brands have realized that consumers cannot be lured by simply providing them with information about the product. Recall ads such as Samsung India Service, Google, Cadbury, etc. All these ads have no information about the product, rather they have touched the audience with their powerful content and message.

People connect with emotions rather than information and so these ads have worked well. It is believed that Samsung had improved sales post the ad.

Be it an ad, sales pitch, promotional scheme, TV or print ad, you must ensure that your consumers feel connected to it.

Once they feel the connection, the recall value will be better.

A consumer will remember an emotional ad well than the one having only information.

3. Use Socially Emotional Story

Ads having a social message work really well for the brand. People enjoy watching good stuff and feel the need to share the feeling with others. Also, people feel connected through emotions rather than logic. Therefore, if your ad has these requisites, be sure that it will be liked by many and also get shared. This is an organic way to ensure that your brand gets the visibility it needs.

Try recalling the ad by - Hari Sadu, H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot.

Those are the feelings that the audience can relate to really well and thus they have worked better than the normal.

4. Seek Attention!

You must have seen various ads that show a doctor conveying the message. For instance, the Sensodyne toothpaste ad or the Dettol soap ad, where you see a person wearing a doctor’s coat and giving a testimony about the product. Doctors are a revered species and people believe doctors more than anybody else.

However, while creating such an ad you must remember to include an unexpected and delightful surprise than spoon feeding your audience. Let your audience keep guessing about the product till the end instead of you spoon feeding the answer to them.

Your ad should have an element of unexpected and delightful surprise that would leave your audience smiling and happy. You can check out the Fevicol ads or the Imperial Blue-Men will be men ad. These ads keep the audience guessing and by the end of it, a smile on their faces.

5. Call For Action (CFA) using a catchy jingle

“Bole mere lips....I love uncle chips”, “Mango frooty, fresh and juicy”, "Thanda matlab..." You must have got the answer for the last one... Feeling nostalgic? Well, these catchy jingles had the entire nation under its spell , consumers were attracted to it and set their sales rising.

Catchy jingles such as these have a hidden command and a call to action that enables the consumer to remember the brand in a better way. This is due to the fact that our brain is able to process music better than mere words. So, if you are able to include a catchy jingle having a suitable call for action, you are on the right track!


Creating brand awareness is a must. However, organic visibility will pay off in the long –run. Hopefully, the above mentioned tips will help you getting more visibility and eventually improved sales.

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