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How to Improve Restaurant Profits: Part 2

Grow Restaurant Business

In the previous Blog, we showed you how you can increase your Loyal Customers Base with some of the techniques that you can use. You can read more about the same here

Now its time to understand how we can grow your Profits through Digital Marketing!

Restaurant business is a tricky business and growing it is a completely different challenge all together. To grow your presence and sales, the first requirement to you is being on Social Media. Many here might think "Yeah! I am already on it so? Nothing has happened here!"

You have to keep it in mind that First Time Customers are not much interested in giving Positive reviews even if they loved the food or are not much active on Social Media. They cover around 20%. Rest 70% are there to who might probably give your Negative Reviews with any minor fault that you make in your service. The remaining 10% are your Positive Reviewer.

Profitability Review of Restaurant

The above chart is divided into 3 visits of the customer. The question is, how do your target the 70% of Negative Reviewers and bring them down to 20%?

1. Gaming!

Customers have to be excited to tag your brand online. Try putting small pieces of games next to their Menu Card and if they solve, ask them to Tag online and they will be eligible for a Discount.

Advantages of this:

- You have got a person to Tag your Brand online.

- Their complete Friends Circle will get the update and would want to try out the games around.

- The customer will get a Discount while you will be getting new customers.

- Your Organic Ratings will increase.

2. Book Clubs

This depends on your Target Audience. If you want more people to hang around your place, nothing can hold them longer than Books or an amazing ambiance. Organizing Book Clubs and working with Book Enthusiasts, Authors or even Organizers to set up the whole thing is one of the eye grabbing things that you can offer.

3. Movie / Series Nights

This is a concept that can be utilized very efficiently and can be a turn around for your visitors and revenue growth. There are such vintage movies that you can keep per week and invite people to enjoy food, drinks and hangout with friends. If you are creating a special room for the same, then you can even get it rented to private groups who want to see the movie that they like. They can just pay for the movie and you can buy them. To further advance the idea, you can even used the bought movie and give a discounted rates to the people who want to watch the same movie again.

All these 3 Strategies can increase your traffic tremendously and if your Menu+Ambiance+Services are great, there is no stopping you!

Stay tuned as there will be lot more coming your way!

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