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How to increase Organic Traffic from Google?

Improve Google Ranking

Google has a list of Parameters that it ranks a Website on. I recently discovered that in the list, there is also a major check on the URL Structure of the website. This is where URL Structuring comes in place!

So suppose the URL of the website reads like:

This URL will not be very efficient because Google will feel that the URL is related to some sort of Event as the URL has the following Structure:

<Name of the Website> / <Web Page> / <Month> / <Year> / <Blog Name>

The format of the URL should be as simple as possible and still be able to convey the most important message that your Blog consists of. So the Updated URL that should ideally look like will be:

Inserting Correct URL

The structure removes the unnecessary content from the middle and focuses on what you want the Google to look at. This way Google understands that the Blog is on learning techniques and not on the dates.

It automatically starts to give you higher ranking thereby getting the right audience for your Website and reducing the Bounce Rate for the same.

With such a small change, you will see a significant increase in your traffic from Google and you will have the Traffic that stays on your website.

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