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How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube | 2018

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

How to increase Youtube Subscriber 2018

YouTube has been a great platform for people to showcase their talent and there are millions of hours of data that gets Updated everyday on YouTube. Many of you reading this article must have a running Youtube Channel or had a YouTube channel but closed it because of no or negligible response.

It difficult to continue when your views do not increase even after all the Great Content, Awesome Thumbnail, Selective Tags and a Catchy Title! NOTHING WORKS... Its frustrating.

First check out the awesome report we have created on Stats of Youtube for the Year 2017-18. This covers the Facts and some astonishing insight inside YouTube.

Stats of YouTube 2018

This report was created to give you a glimpse of how big YouTube is which you probably would know but if you give a deeper thinking, this report gives some of the greatest insights! Will explain you once you go through the step by step strategy below:

Strategy #1: Front Load your Keyword!

You might be thinking what is Font Loading your Keywords mean? Its nothing to be scared of. Its a very simple technique where you put the main keyword of your Video in the Front of the Title!

Sounds silly?

If you are give the following two options in your Video Search Result where you are looking for the Top Coffee Shops around you. Which title will you select from the below:

Title 1: The Place to Have Best Coffee Around you

Title 2: Best Coffee Shops around you!

There are very high probability that you would like the second title more as it is clear, simple and nothing complicated. The start of the Title 2 says everything about the video. Best Coffee Shops is the Front Loading of Keywords in your Title.

Google also finds it really convenient if your video specifies the Main Keyword in the beginning rather than scattered throughout the Title! Try improving some of the Titles of your current videos and check it out.

Strategy #2: Boost Video Engagement Signals

Video spreads the fastest when there are more and more people communicating with your Video in terms of Like, Comment or Subscribe. But how to increase that?

You might have a certain traffic that must be watching your video, do not end the video like all other YouTubers but give you audience something to engage at the end of the video. Like let's take the same Coffee Shop example.

If you are making a video on Top 10 Coffee Shops to Visit, end your video with something like Which one are you going to visit first, write down in the comments below!

Or it can be like,

What are the Best Places you have visited, write down in the comments and I will personally go and check it out!

What this will do is, it will give your audience a perfect direction to write about their personal experiences and you will increase the engagement while taking honest feedbacks from your audience. This is turn will result in improving your Views, thereby increasing Subscribers!

Strategy #3: Tags Optimisation

Tags are one thing that we believe in using Abundance. THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG!

Imagine if you are giving more than 15 tags for a video which are all the extra keywords for your video, how will YouTube understand what exactly to go ahead with.

Let's take the same coffee example as I am a true fan of Coffee ;)

So suppose your video covers a top like Best Coffee Making Ideas!

You Tags are: Coffee | Coffee Machine | Best Coffee in the town | Coffee at home | How to make coffee etc.

You have given a wide gamut of things for YouTube to consider and the videos will never rank high with such huge variety of Tags! The tags that you should ideally use should be like:

Tags: Coffee Making Ideas (Yes, use the Title of the Video as your first Tag) | Coffee Making Ideas for Breakfast | Making Coffee at Home | Coffee etc.

Remember YouTube always gives more weightage to the Tags that are in front rather than 15 tags down. Also note that Tags are no more a driving factor for your Videos but yes they are still a part of the overall ocean of YouTube SEO.

Strategy #4: Magnet Thumbnails

You might have heard from many that we have to use Thumbnails that are attractive and easily catch the eye of the audience. But let me jot down some points that you might have never thought about while creating a Thumbnail!

*Also note that if you have just started your Channel you might not be able to give a Custom Thumbnail to your Videos.*

Avoid YouTube Colours! YouTube is basically designed in 3 Colour Schemes: Red, White & Black. So your Thumbnail should ideally avoid those colours and ideally use the colours that are either opposite to that or are more vibrant.

Big Bold Text: Many of you must already be practicing this but are you able to use it effectively? Did you know the ideal length of your text should not exceed 30 Characters to give you the best impact on your Thumbnail!

Strategy #4: Video Description

Video Description might be one of the most avoided section or the most underrated section when it comes to giving a quality content.

Guess What! Video Descriptions are a great tool for SEO!

The longer and detailed the description is, the higher chances there are to reach more quality viewers and people who are looking for those specific needs that your video fulfils.

Strategy #5: Higher Video Lengths

If you have quality content to show your viewers Higher Video Lengths provide a great way for viewers to go through a lot of Quality Content. If your content is good then keep it long else your viewers will any ways bounce off if you are just trying too hard to keep it long without any Quality Content.

Usually the higher length videos rank better on YouTube and the ideal time would be between 8 to 15 minutes long.

Strategy #6: Attractive Titles are not Enough

You might have heard about this a lot that make your Titles Attractive but there are many who doesn't know that a simple use of Parenthesis like Brackets can boost a video CTR (Click Through Rate) by 38% (as per the research done by HubSpot).

For example:

Your Current Title is: The Top 10 Coffee Shops around us!

Update it to: The Top 10 Coffee Shops around us (2018)

Simple brackets usually highlight the things you want with an extra update of the video. It can be year, details of your video like True Story, Case Study, New Research etc.

Try these 6 and let us know which one worked for you the best!

You can always come to us for guidance so do not hesitate if the whole document might have been too much for you.

Stay Tuned as there is much more to come...

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