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Improve Ad Targeting on LinkedIn with Adobe!

Linkedin Ad Targeting with Adobe

Recently, at the Adobe Summit 2019, LinkedIn entered a new partnership with Adobe and Microsoft. This partnership will enable LinkedIn to expand its audience targeting capabilities to Adobe Experience Cloud users.

The sales and the marketing teams can utilize the data from Marketo Engage, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn to gain better insight about the audiences and target them more efficiently. For instance, say an Adobe customer is selling some product; he will be able to use LinkedIn’s audience data and ad targeting tools to show ads to a specific audience, based on location, job roles, etc., in order to promote his products more effectively.

As you may recall, in 2016, when Microsoft first announced the takeover of LinkedIn, Salesforce opposed the decision. According to Salesforce the merger would enable Microsoft to deny competitors to access the data and gain an unfair competitive edge over others. This probably has led to the partnership between Adobe and LinkedIn.

It is not surprising to see such stiff opposition from Salesforce as LinkendIn today serves over 610 million users and has a record level of engagement. The new deal will only broaden the combined offerings of Adobe and LinkedIn and make them even more powerful.

The new deal will offer new ways for marketers to engage with account holders, allowing them to:

  • Get real-time understanding of targeted accounts: Marketing and Sales teams can leverage the data to get real- time understanding of target audience including the insights of individual roles and preferences. The combination of LinkedIn Matched Audiences and Marketo Engage will allow marketers to identify the right contacts within an account to reach on LinkedIn.

  • Target audience in a better way by leveraging account profiles: Marketo Engage’s Account Profiling includes intelligence-driven predictive modelling and automation in a single ABX solution that allows marketers to identify the best fit accounts from around 25 million companies in a short time.

  • People-based powerful campaigns with more precision: Adobe Audience Manager, the company’s Data Management Platform (DMP), will allow brands to use audience data to power contact based campaigns on LinkedIn and other channels. This provides better precision. Additionally, the data governance and privacy controls ensure that the customer data is secure and allows companies to comply with their privacy and data compliance objectives.

The new partnership can be seen as LinkedIn’s effort to use its professional dataset more diligently and expand its advertising capabilities. In addition, LinkedIn has also launched lookalike audience and a new integration with search data from Microsoft Bing which will further enhance its targeting capacity.

To sum up, it can be said that all the recent moves by LinkedIn will have a significant implication for advertisers making it a powerful tool for reaching the right audience.

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