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Open AI bot beats DOTA's Best Player?

DOTA player defeated by OpenAI

Needless to say that there are continuous evolutions in Artificial Intelligence of the computers, and if there is Elon Musk, its just One Step Ahead! Lets check it out!

Recently on Aug 11, Open AI's bot defeated world's number 1 Dota 2 player Dendi and it showed that Bots are becoming smarter and faster every day!

This is not the first time it has happened. We have seen it previously with board games like Chess and Go. The Players have been outsmarted by these Artificial Intelligence bots that are not trained or programmed! These bots are fed with tones of recorded games of the best players in the world and they are then made to play with themselves.

Results? They are getting extremely powerful in understanding how to win and that is far more superior compared to the brains which are getting dependent on them every second.

In the first 10 minutes of the game Dandi was defeated. He said "This is scary!" If you are a Dota 2 player, you should have a look at the game!

Lets have a look at Chess!

If you want to have a look at more of the past games where AI has won, lets have a look at Chess! This is year 1994 and Intel has made its first Chess Artificial Intelligence Game.

Artificial Intelligence have been into research since years but now it seems that with such a huge advancement in technology, we have to understand how to control it so some day it should not control us. But it will be interesting to see where the future will take us!

Stay Tuned!

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