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Part 2: Tips and Tricks of SEO - 2017

SEO Tips & Tricks - Part 2

This part covers topics of Organically increasing your Traffic from Google. Paid Marketing is good but it is not sustainable as Organic Growth. When you have lot of good content and not a right strategy to market it, this is where you will see the downfall and lot of money spent with no returns.

Let me highlight one of the key feature for Organic Growth. In todays world of Rich Content, there are lot who focus on bringing the audience on their website through various Videos, blogs, Forums and so many different strategies, but as per Buzzsumo the highest rated product is Infographics!

Share of Different types of Content

So how can you create an Infographic that is worth reading and people start sharing the same? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Understand your audience! This is the most crucial aspect as there are so many permutations and combinations that you can try and still fail if you are not clear with this part. You might probably know some of the buzzing keywords in your industry but if you are stuck you can check Buzzsumo (in the link above) and understand the most competitive words.

  2. Once you have the content for your Infographics, either hire a designer, Freelancer or from your in-house team. If you are hiring Freelancers o check their work first! There are many websites that you can get good Freelancers like: Fiverr or Freelancers

  3. Design is not as important as the content of the Infographics. Even if you have the most good looking infographics, if your content is not good enough, you will not be able to see right amount of conversions. Try experiment with different formats and check which works the best for your audience.

Once the Infographics is ready first thing is to post it on your blog. But you will need good Backlinks. Try finding the Blogs or Websites which are looking for the content that you are writing and drop them an email. Don't send your Infographics but try to build a relationship with them. Once that is done, you will see a lot of good referral traffic coming on your website!

Have a great Organic Search ahead...

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