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Part 3: Tips and Tricks of SEO - 2017

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

SEO Tips & Tricks - Part 3

Google's Website Ranking Algorithm has been changing continuously over time. This keeps us on the toes of what has to be done and what are the smarter ways to stay much ahead of the competition.

Let me explain you certain points which will clear your doubts.

1. URLs:

The most successful technique of gaining higher ranking on Google is to keep the URLs as Short as possible! Yes! They have to be short. As per a research done on thousands of URLs, it has found that the shorter the URL, the higher chances it has to get a better ranking. So suppose you have an article on your Blog so the URL should look like: instead of:

It becomes very difficult for Google to track such long URLs and it is also more time consuming for Google to show results from the Indexed Pages if the URLs are long. Let check the Research data:

URL Length

source: backlinko

2. LSI Keywords:

LSI means (Latent Semantic Indexing). Dont worry about the complexity of the word. In the most simple terms, it means that you have to target the right keywords so Google can understand what you are trying to write in your Blog or Story.

How do you find the Right LSI Keywords?

3. Travel

Suppose you are writing a blog on . You want that every keyword should have a great weight-age as there is an increasing competition in the keywords. But there are some simpler ways to find the right LSI Keywords. Just search for Travel in Google Search Box and scroll down to the bottom:

Keyword Research

All the keywords that are underlined and marked with Bold are the LSI Keywords that you can use to give a boost to your search result.

4. CTR (Click Through Rate):

A recent study has found that the Title of the Tags have been really important in defining your Blogs CTR. The more numbers that you use in the Title Tags, the higher CTR you will achieve. A recent Hubspot experiment found that the users using number and Brackets are getting much higher CTR than the normal content. Lets have a look:

Normal Content: Best ways to improve SEO

Using Numbers: 5 Best ways to Improve SEO

Exceptional: 5 Best ways to improve SEO [Instant Results]

You are more likely to click on the last link if seen in Google Search as per the results achieved.

5. Use External Links:

External links are one of the important features of Google Ranking. There was an experiment conducted by guys at Reboot Online to check how important External links are. They took one made up keyword which had no meaning and cannot be found on any of the Google Pages.

Google testing

Then the team created multiple websites and attached external links to 5 and kept no links on the other 5. The links which had External links from a single website, all the 5 websites Ranked on the top. The websites which had no External links got their results but they were below the 5. This means that External Links do have a good ranking factor on the websites.

5. Internal Linking:

Don't over-stuff your content with too many internal links. Internal links are meant to be used to strengthen the SEO of the Blog for which you need higher ranking. You do not overuse the Internal linking feature else it does not give a smooth flow of reading experience to the users and they are just getting diverted from one blog to another without actually reading the whole content and going off the page increasing the Bounce Rate ultimately.

Hope you have found this article interesting. Do check for more of SEO tips and tricks in the next article.

Stay Tuned...

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