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Part 1: Tips and Tricks for SEO - 2017

SEO Tips & Tricks - Part 1

There are so many different guidelines that you need to follow to get the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) right. There are also tonnes of blogs to help you achieve it but everything is scattered. I have tried to compile it and give you a short brief of the tips and tricks you can use for Google SEO.

1. Keywords:

There are many tools to identify which are the best keywords for your SEO but the following trick will make you an expert at finding the most trending keywords without even using those tools.

Suppose you are in the solar industry and are looking for trending keywords. Just type "Solar" in the search box and do not press enter:

Keywords example

The words that are auto-suggested are the most searched keywords and BAAM! you have the list of most trending keywords. You can then find the strength of these keywords using tools like:

1. Google Keyword Planner

2. SEMrush

and many more...

2. Speed Test:

Google might not be looking much at the speed but it is also one of the factors for your ranking to improve. To check the speed of your website, Google has provided a tool called Page Speed Test.

Google Page Speed Test

This is a great tool to understand your performance of the website on Google but this tool does not check the speed of the website when a visitor comes to the website. It will only check the code and how efficiently it runs. To get a better understanding of the rating of your website's speed, you can use GTMetrix.

Using GTMerix will give you a detailed data of how user are actually getting the data from your website and it will guide you as to how you can improve you website.

The below image shows my website which is scoring above average with a B :

GTMetrix Website

It also gives you a detailed explanation of what needs improvement to make your website better:

GTMetrix Analysis

It tells me to Optimize the images on my web pages. It also gives details of which images needs improvement. this is a great way to understand and save a lot of time of going through each image individually and go through compressing process.

3. Content:

Content still plays a major role when it comes to Google SEO. With their new Google Lens, Google has started identifying the images as well but Content will always play a major role. How to play with content?

a. As per a research, the content has no limit and you can write as long or as short as you like but there the ideal length of the article should be around 1800 words. YES! 1800 and not 500 words. 1800 words content gives a good boost to your SEO as searched of more than 1 million articles on Google's Top Posts!

b. Content has to be original.

c. Quantity can be a strategy but focus more on Quality content. If the content is of quality then quantity will not matter. You can achieve the same target audience with 30 posts and you might still lack with even 1000 posts.

This is just few steps of many Tips and Tricks. Stay tuned on Quest For Tech to know more about the details of Digital World.

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