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Tesla Roadster 2.0

Tesla Roadster 2.0

Tesla announced its semi truck which we all have been waiting to see but there was more to the event than just launch a line of trucks. Lets first have a look at the full event and then we can read more!

Tesla Semi an amazing piece of technology that we have never seen before in terms of safety speed and looks, its just a Beast and the best part! ITS ALL ELECTRIC!

With Tesla Model 3 and the astonishing response, Elon Musk says it has been a Manufacturing Hell! Working on something like semi as well as Roadster even with those many things on your plate its difficult!

So lets get into the specs of Semi!

Tesla Semi

But this was not enough!

What was unrelieved from the back was the amazing Tesla Roadster 2.0. There were lot of speculations in terms of unveiling the next version of the Roadster and there were hints on the website or in the tweets of Elon but there was nothing specific.

The looks of the car are just astonishing but you know what is more astonishing the SPECS!

Tesla Roadster 2.0 Specs

Tesla Roadster 2.0 with its all electric model has a top speed of over 250 mph or 402 kph with a mile range of 620 miles or 998 kms (obviously this will not be on the top speed!) but this mile range is amazing at the cost which is almost a quarter of those super cars that would go in around a million dollars.

There are very few things today that can keep me genuinely shocked and this one tops the list!

But as I mentioned before Tesla is still going through the Manufacturing hell of Tesla Model 3 and has a long list of demand to suffice. The launch date of this Raodster will be in 2020. The technology today is changing so fast that by that time this will be old enough.

There are giants who are eyeing on Tesla and its every move. There will be companies who will come out with similar specs before that.

Also with such a huge deadline in a world where people are the most impatient, year 2020 seems pretty far fetched. For Tesla Semi its 2019 which is still understandable as the whole Transportation sector will undergo an electric change but for a supercar?

Will you be reserving your car and wait till 2020?

Lets hope Elon can start the manufacturing before that but for now you have made us all dumbstruck for sure! Keep up with trying to change the world and make it a better place Elon. We are surely with you.

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