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The New Gmail is HERE!

New Gmail

Gmail has finally got the overhaul that it has been waiting for since 2013! In such a fast pace world we have been using the same design for more than 5 years now. This is not as easy as it seems as Google has invested more than 2 years in developing the new product.

For those who are not familiar with the same, let us first show you how you can enable the new Gmail right now from your Account.

How to Enable New Gmail

To list down the changes in terms of design, here are a few:

1. The compose button sign has been the biggest change that you will see. The graphics and looks have been incredible no doubt about that.

2. The other thing that you will observe is the top menu for segregation of the mail have been changed from a boxy look to a more clean look!

New Gmail Seperators

3. On the right side just below your profile picture, there is a new Vertical Bar which has 3 icons for now Calendar, Google Keep & Tasks. There might be different options for different users depending on the product that they must be using. There is also a plus sign below them.

The Plus Sign takes you to a new Marketplace that Google seems to have introduced called GSuit Marketplace. This is the marketplace where you will find lot of Apps that can be connected to Gmail for a much better experience of Gmail. As you can see there are some Apps that are listed in this Marketplace for now!

4. But one of the biggest changes that you may find and which is a very helpful feature as well is the new Look that is set as Default Look by Gmail. This look allows you to have a glance at all the attached documents that you have in an email and you can directly access them without even going in the mail trail.

File Viewer in new Gmail

I know this is amazing but this is not new! I know you must be thinking that I have gone crazy but I have used this interface by Google long back in 2015. Yes 2015!

You might not even have heard about this Product but it is called Inbox. This was the first attempt by Google to shift their users from the traditional Gmail to a much better experience of mailing.

I have used Googles Inbox for almost a year and have been completely addicted to the amazing experience. Google understood that it is very difficult to get people redirected to a different platform just like they were not able to successfully shift the people from their various chat platforms they have developed over the years!

Evolution of Chat App from Google

You might probably have not even used the first two. But in the recent news, it was found that Google is scrapping the Project Allo as they didnt get enough subscriptions or users for the platform. This shows their repeated attempt to enter the industry widely dominated by WhatsApp.

Similarly Inbox was the first step towards created a better Email experience of the users. So let's come back to the new Gmail.

5. Any mail that you open now has a predictive reply ready by Google so you don't have to type it out every time. They have also cleared the UI like many of the horizontal lines have been removed to give it a much cleaner look.

6. Lastly but not the least, you can always go back to the old classic look of Gmail if this is too heavy for your internet to load but I think over the period of time we will get habituated and will shift to the new interface.

Stay Tuned to get regular updates on what is happening around!

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