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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Benefits for your Business!

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Benefits for Business

Well, if you are not on social media, you are missing out a lot!

Social media marketing is a boon for most businesses. Be it small or big, be sure that social media has something to offer all. You can make the most of it and expand your business. Here’s how!

Boost Brand Awareness:


Most of the people today spend their time browsing through the internet and networking using various social media. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many businesses using it to enhance brand awareness.

Whether you are a new or an old brand, social media strategy enables you to target and new and highly potential customers. Interestingly, 60% of Instagram users have revealed that they discover new products on the platform.

When Ola wanted to promote its new and improved offerings Prime Cab services

in Bengaluru, with amenities such as free WiFi, excellent drivers, etc, it roped in some celebrities to ride with the users. The ride was also planned as a surprise for the users. The result- the word spread quickly and Ola saw an increase in its bookings. Other examples include brands such as Coca cola, Nike , TATA, etc

Be in the Users Memory:

According to Pew Research center, most people log on to their social media accounts once a day and on a few days multiple times. This gives you ample of opportunities to connect with your fans and followers.

Xerox is one of the best examples. The brand is in fact synonymous for photocopying. Most people use the term ‘xerox’ whenever they have to get a photocopy. The name is etched in the minds of the people. Other examples of great brands are Fevicol, MacDonalds, etc.

A Great way to Generate Leads:

Leads are very important for any business and you know that! Social media offers an easy way to users to express their interest in the products and services of a brand.

What’s more, a few social media handles have designed their advertising formats specifically to collect leads. So, go ahead, give it a try.

Find your Influencers:

Get people to talk about your product or services on social media! This will not only help build brand awareness and credibility but also improve your sales.

A great way to improve your chances is to partner with a key- influencer. The influencer need not necessarily be a well-known person. It can be anyone having a large number of followers and who is willing to spread the word about your brand.

A perfect example to understand influencer marketing is Hebbars Kitchen and Kent Atta maker. Hebbars kitchen is very popular on YouTube and Facebook and it publishes cooking videos on its YouTube channel. Cooking enthusiasts found it a great platform to learn and exchange ideas and soon it became very popular.

Kent Atta Maker’s saw an opportunity here and partnered with Hebbar Kitchen. It produced a video featuring their product and is believed to be one the most successful influencer campaigns.

Share your content, go Viral:

As people talk about your brand, they tend to like your content and share it with their friends and followers. This way your content will be exposed to a new audience as well.

As your content gets liked and shared with new people, it will help you go viral and give your brand the much needed visibility.

When Netflix, came to India, it was the talk of the town. Its famous tagline, ‘Netflix and chill’ was not alien to Indians. However, Zomato found it to be a ripe occasion and made a quick promo for Netflixers. So, when people asked you what you did in the weekend, you could say ‘Netflix and chill with Zomato’.

Foster, the famous beer brand also welcomed Netflix to India with its apt visual. Although, Netflix is yet to make a mark among Indian users, the buzz created on social media by Fosters and Zomato was sufficient for it to gain foothold in the Indian market.


Boost Sales:

Flipkart Online

Whether you are an individual or a company, social media helps you sell your product.

With an increasing number of people joining the social media, it provides you with an opportunity of a converting a new user to a customer. Also, with evolving social tools you can be assured that social media will become an important platform for product searches and e-commerce.

Is this is the secret of e-commerce giant Flipkart and even Godrej? Flipkart ensures it is visible and seen on social media through their ads and campaigns. We are sure, you must have watched their innovative ads on Television, tempting aren’t they? They kind of compel you to shop instantly.

Godrej too has gone digital and has hired a team to manage their online campaigns. It uses several handles and comes up with effective strategies to boost their sales.

Personalize your Brand:

Connect with your customers with the help of social media. It is important to engage with your customers and build a bond with them.

According to Trinity Mirror Solutions, UK, users do not trust a brand until they see that it keep its promises. Use social media to connect with your audience and show your human side.

Foodpanda comes up with some innovative ways to engage with customers. Whether it is celebrating 25 years of Jurassic Park or its popular ‘Chai pi lo’ video, Foodpanda makes sure to connect with users through their innovative and quirky initiatives.

Customer Service:

You cannot escape from this aspect even on social media. Your users expect they you provide them with customer service and support even on social media.

Research shows that users expect a quick response to their messages. In fact, users who receive reply to their message within five minutes are willing to spend more on their later purchases with the brand.

Vodafone India has an active Twitter handle and caters to customers queries efficiently.

Monitor Conversations:

Although social media allows you to connect with your audience and create brand awareness, it also helps you monitor the conversations.

You can ensure that the conversations between you and the users or among the users are always related to relevant topics and especially related to your product and services.

Understand your Customers:

Use the social media analytics that provides demographic information and lets you know the people interacting with your account.

Utilize this information to tailor your strategy and interact only with your real audience.

Amul is one company that has understood its audience like no one else. Most of their creative ideas or images focus on social situation to make sure that the entire mass is addressed. Also, the famous Amul girl will also feature in all its ads and campaigns. This surely makes the brand stand out from others. Amul also has its presence on Facebook and Twitter and often conducts interesting contests to engage with its audience.

Social Media is here to stay and if you really wish to succeed, ensure that you make the most of it. Develop strategies and campaigns according to the situation to lure your audience and you are sure to perform well.

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