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Top 5 Link Building Strategy in India | 2018

Link Building

Black Hat strategies are a passé.

Get over them if you truly want to keep yourself in the good books of Google! With every update from Google, your Black Hat techniques will keep going back to zero and your brand value will diminish.

We were going through this amazing 9 step strategy of back-linking by Backlinko YouTube Channel. We thought these strategies are great but are they actually applicable when taken into scenario of an Indian Demography?

Indian Market works a bit differently when it comes to Back-linking. People are not much keen on giving out quality links. These are still some ways that you can truly crack the Indian Audience.

These newer link building strategies are sure to drive more traffic to your website and get you a higher ranking on search engines. White Hat SEO links are a rage today and here to stay. Here we have compiled 5 effective link-building strategies for your business.

#1. Link Round Up!

As we all know, SEO is getting a lot harder but it is still an effective method to drive traffic to the website. Link round-ups are the saviours in today’s time.

It is basically acquiring strong and authoritative links. Apart from bringing new visitors to your website, link roundups help you get backlinks to your website.

The basic idea of getting a link roundup is to feature your exceptional content. You can easily find link roundup articles on Google with the help of advanced search operators. You may also use simple formulas to get hold of good link roundups.

  • “link roundup” + your niche keyword

  • intitle:roundup + your niche keyword

  • inurl:roundup + your niche keyword

Take a simple and my favourite example of a Coffee Shop. Suppose you want to increase the traffic on your website. Find the Link Roundups like these:

link roundup for a coffee shop

If you are in India, there might be very less chance that you might find these terminologies.

Simply write in the search of Google, Top Coffee shops or Top 10 Coffee Shops etc. There will be tonnes of Blogs that will come up. Send them the details of your Coffee Shop and invite them to try it for free.

There are very high chances that they will come, try and write about you in the next blog of Top 10 Coffee Shops!

#2. Broken Link Building

Until now, we are sure you must be using generic strategies to build links. It is time to change that!

You need to add value to someone’s website before you build links. And that is exactly what broken link building will do. To do this, you need to follow these simple steps

  • First, add “Check My Links” to Google Chrome. It is a free extension that helps you find broken links on any page. There are many other websites that you can use or you must be using to check the broken links and that is completely fine.

  • Find a website you wish to get a backlink from

  • Check for broken links by visiting a few pages from the chosen website and running the “check my links “ extension. You will get all the broken links on that page.

  • Contact the website owner and let him know about the broken links by sending a personalised email. You can then offer your content as a replacement.

In India though there are many websites that do not keep a track or do not care about the Broken links so you might not even get a reply on those but do not worry, there are many people who are conscious and will surely give you a link.

Building a solid relation is a way to get great backlinks and will never get old!

#3. Promote before Publishing

If you have a blog post having your targeted keyword, you can try promoting it even before you can publish it. This is known as Pre-outreach and is a great strategy to rank higher in Google search results.

Here’s how you do it.

  • First find a blog that includes your target keyword.

  • Send them a message avoiding asking for a link. Build a rapport with them by giving them a glimpse of the article.

  • Publish your blog and then send the link to them

  • All this will lead to social shares and you will end up getting contextual backlink

Great thinking isn’t it? But does it work in India?

This usually is a great strategy when you have a solid audience or a great fan following. There might not be any increase in the viewership if you are a fresh blog and your content is not something that is attractive to the audience.

Indian audience is very picky on the kind of content they read. So unless you are credible, even though the article is giving you a back-link, you might not see a huge improvement in the SEO!

Think carefully before investing time in this particular strategy but definitely this is a great way to go ahead and will surely help you get some solid backlinks for a great piece of content.

#4. EDU Resource Page Link Building

Did you know, backLinks from domain site like .edu are great for your business.

The answer is Edu research pages. You must be aware that most Universities have resource pages where they link the content that helps students and faculty.

  • Site. Edu “target keyword”

  • Site. Edu “target keyword”+ Resources

  • Site. Edu “target keyword”+InURl: Links

  • Site. Edu “target keyword”+ Other sites

Next, if you have any of your content that fits that page, email the person that runs that resource page. Now, you will have to remember that only 5% of the .edu sites will actually add your link. However, even one-two links from reliable .edu sites will make a whole lot of difference to your website Google rankings. The data above is probably from USA!

Let's talk about India!

Resources might be a common word in USA but it is very difficult to find a Resource Pages on Indian Educational websites. Even the most reputed colleges like IIM (A), IIT do not have resources pages on their websites.

Resource Pages are basically the Research Articles that the Institute uploads. It may be with various names like:

  • Research Page

  • Research and Publications

  • News

  • Events

  • Publications etc.

You need to make sure that if your article truly adds value, you can submit it to the faculty in that particular college and ask them to review it. If the article is really amazing, then they might publish it on their website giving a link that you really want.

#5. Moving man method

We wanted to share this strategy with you so we have kept the best for the last! Let us show you what that means:

  • Find a few outdated page, resources and businesses or those who have recently changed their brand names

  • Find the sites that are still linking to these outdated resources. Inform those sites that they have been linking to outdated pages by emailing them

  • You can pitch your content or graphics

  • You may win their hearts and get your linked published on their sites instead!

Simple isn’t it? Not so simple here!

The people that you pitch the outdates links might just update them without ever acknowledging you. So be careful if you are giving right guidance to the right people. I think over the period of time of communicating with different audiences, you will get a hold of how to pitch in India!

Stay tuned for amazing articles!

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