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What is Google Webmaster?

Google Webmaster

Google has come out with various tools to Rank your website, give you statistics, helps you secure your website with unknown spam URLs crawling all over but there are many who are completely unaware of Google Webmaster which is single handedly the most important tool for your website.

If you are registered on Wix or Wordpress or some other website builders, you might have probably missed using Google Webmaster tool and so spending a huge amount of money on social media might not yield you long term results as you are not registered on Google at all!

Think of Google as a huge book of content. Google Webmaster is the Index page of the that book. If you are on Wix or Wordpress, you might have got some traffic through blogging but you are not in the Index pages of Google which makes your website one of the millions of other content in Google Book that gets new website every second. It is very important to get your site registered in Webmaster Tools.

Let's understand how:

1) Search Google Webmaster on Google:

Google Webmaster Search

2) Click on the top link which will take you to the panel of Google webmaster tool. Just Sign in with your Google Account.

Google Webmaster Login Page

3) You might be seeing a different screen but the overall intention of doing this is to connect your website in Google. So in the below image just click on "ADD PROPERTY"

Adding Property on Google Webmaster

4) You can select the Website or Android App that you wish to add.

Adding website on Google Webmaster

5) For understanding purpose, let's assume that you are connecting your website.

Testing a website

6) Now Google provides you two options to get connected. You can read the documentation and once everything is connected and ready to go, you will start seeing detailed records of your website's performance.

Search Console recommended methods

Note that the technique mentioned above are the steps will help you make better decisions of how the website is performing on Google Platform. The details of how to analyze Webmaster will be shown to you in the next Blog!

Stay Tuned for more...

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