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What is WhatsApp Live Location?

WhatsApp Live Location

Whatsapp recently announced Live Location sharing but many have still not got their hands over it! Let us explain what it is first.

Live Location as the name says, you are live when you share your location. This means that when you are sharing your location to someone you can set a specific time upto which the other person can see where you are exactly on the map. Before we go ahead, let us show you how it works.

Step 1: The usual attachment option has to be selected and once that opens up select "Location".

Sharing WhatsApp Location

Step 2: Now generally you selected the option "Send you Current Location" but as you see on the top, the first option is "Share Live Location". Select that

Sharing Live WhatsApp Location

Step 3: Now comes the best part! Select the time for which you want to share with your friends or family the real location of yours. The three options that it provides are 15 minutes, 1 Hour or 8 Hours. They will be able to track your every location once this is shared! Be careful if you share it to your mom and you are going to a bar ;)

WhatsApp Live Location

Step 4: Add a Comment and share the location. Simple!

Stop WhatsApp Live Location Share

You can stop sharing the location any time you want. Isn't this amazing! the benefits of them are endless.

Groups: If you are a part of a group that hangs out a lot and if every member of the group shares the location, they will be able to every individual who have shared the location in a single map! This is the best part. So now those friends who say 5 minutes and come after 5 hours will have a hard time to get away with this!

Stay tuned for more of the amazing tech updates!

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