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What Stephen Hawking taught me!

Stephen Hawking

Today is not about some jazzy Digital Marketing article or some gadget launch or something that has to do with what we are seeing around us.

Today is the day, Black Hole has reached out in the world of Physics and took one of the best. The demise of Stephen Hawking was a shock when I woke up in the morning.

Legendary Stephen Hawking has always been a great motivation for a feeble mind like me. I was a really bad student when it came to physics, mathematics or any science subject that you can name. I never really understood any technical words that were thrown at me by my teachers and I barely managed to pass in my tests but one thing was sure, that I was curious. Curious to know things.

This seed was somewhere planted in me by some of the greatest who have lived through these years. I have always wanted to be intellectual and have been always focused on increasing my knowledge but somewhere down the line, I knew that I am not great, I am an average guy and greatness might not be a part of my life.

I didn't give up though, I was now addicted to gain more knowledge. I kept studying more and researching more in every subject that my mind would get interested in. I studied archeology, geology, space, time, planetary movement, cosmology, dark matter etc etc. but the hunger never ended. I wanted to be Intellectual.

This drove me to more and more research but everything seemed to fall apart. One day it was just the end of the pursuit. I was tired walking alone on that journey for so long that it just grew out of me. I never had someone to discuss those things with. I started speaking about space and time with my friends as I loved talking about science. They probably wanted to talk about girls or maybe where to go on a vacation. I was outcasted.

One day I came across a video of Stephen Hawking. I remember, I was young and I saw him for the first time. It was weird how a disabled guy is talking from a machine. I didn't understand a word he spoke but he was like a magnet. His personality and his talks were charismatic.

I read about him more and started reading about his discoveries. It is an ocean of knowledge.

I read a really interesting article once in a newspaper. It was an experiment that he conducted.

Let me share that with you:

Stephen Hawking kept a party at his house one night. Who would not wish to join his party, right? But no one turned up! Why? Because he never told any one about the party. It was a party for the time travellers. The party announcement was done the next day and everyone was shocked to see that the party was already over.

An ingenious experiment to see if Time Travelling to the past is possible or not. This experiment will surely be engraved in the history of time. Maybe the time travellers have gone there in some parallel universe.

This was the announcement done like this:

Stephen Hawking Invite for Time Travellers

Amazing isn't it!

There is so much to his accolades that we just cannot fathom. His disability has never stood in way of achieving Greatness. I feel average no more. I know for a fact that anyone can become Great as Greatness does not come with fame but with what you can achieve in this short span of life.

I might not be smart but I surely can do so much better in this world without being great. World might not need more great people but people who can make other lives great.

I have not left the pursuit of being intelligent but the name of the journey has changed.

We have lost one of the most influential physicist, cosmologist, author, teacher, visionary but most importantly a person who taught us how to face the worst situations in life with a smile and continue doing what you love.

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