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WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

The world have been socially connected with WhatsApp and people around the world were finding ways to promote their business through the single most communicated channel around the globe.

WhatsApp Business is finally here!

Facebook has been finding ways to mint money from WhatsApp since its deal of $19 Billion. Though they have got the huge database of users to work on, minting money was still an issue as WhatsApp founders always believed in keeping the App Ad Free!

So how will Facebook earn out of this?

There is still no mention on the website about the how they will earn but this seems to be the most ideal way for Facebook to make a shift in their Strategy for earning.

What are the other features?

There are some minor highlights that have been shown on the website like the following:

1. Creating your Business Profile

This page will be like creating a Profile where you will have to create the following:

a. Your Company Name

b. Address

c. Business Description

d. Email

f. Website

There will be a verification badge that will given to your Phone Number.

2. Quick Replies!

Quick Replies are the best way to get your Productivity in place.

This will help answer the most frequently asked questions on your Website, Business or other queries that your customers might have.

Still they have not released of how the Quick replies will work but we are very sure that it is going to be very simple and efficient to use.

4. Statistics for your Business!

We all would love to know about the Promotional activity that reached the mass audience and how many people actually did any activity on the Promotion. That is now possible!

WhatsApp Statistics

WhatsApp has not released any further information on the product and still they have launched in only the following countries!

UK, US, Italy, Mexico, and Indonesia

The launch will happen in other countries over the coming months but once the issues are rectified and the final version is released we will get our hands on the same.

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