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Website can be either be too simple to just function or it can be GREAT!

Website Development is divided into 3 major sections: 

Buying a Domain > Building a Website > Hosting


Before any website can be built, it is important to have a Domain name like

Where can you buy all these? You might probably have a clue but not sure how all that works. So that is the reason we are here for you. We will guide you on the available domains as well as what can be bought that is blending with your Brand Strategy. 


Every Business be it Product or Service needs a website that people can come and look at the details or find location or just read content. 

Website is a sign of genuineness, an indication of hard work put into place with great level of smoothness and flow of the complete animation from the start to the end of the website.

So there are many tools out there on which we can build the website as well as there are templates that can used to simplify the process but if you are building a website, it is better to custom build the whole website from scratch. We ideally use the following:







For every website, there is a Hosting Service that is required. A Hosting is nothing but a place where your website is sitting live so whenever anyone types the name of the website, they can operate it. 

There are lot of options for hosting your website but make sure that you always find a hosting service that is reliable and gives importance to data security and does not make your website go offline repeatedly. 

Website Top


Websites can be made in variety of ways and there can be no limit to the creativity that can be applied on the same. 

HTML 5 is one of the most popular platforms these days and is supported by majority of the browsers. 

Coding is not a very complex task but still a person look for more customised option can opt for HTML 5 Websites. 



Shopify Logo

Shopify is one of the most astonishing platforms when it comes to setting up your e-commerce stores in just few steps. 

Though there are many competitors out there, Shopify truly simplifies the way of setting up your store and start earning! 

Some of the other platforms are Magento, Woo Commerce, Open Kart etc. We can guide you on what will be the best suit for your requirements. 



Wordpress, a platform that has been used by millions of people worldwide. It is one of the most convenient and super fast way of developing a website. 

There are tonnes of Templates for Wordpress which can guide you to make the website that you want. 

Apart from that, a huge variety of 3rd Party Plugins, help you to get all the minor issues sorted. 

Overall, Wordpress is a platform that can really boost what you can do with an online Website Deisnger and Developer tool. 

Wordpress Logo



While Wordpress might still need some coding skills, Wix is one such platform that will not require any coding skills whatsoever! 

Everything is a Drag and Drop with a few templates to chose from or a complete blank canvas for those who have mastered the platform. 

There are other platforms like Divi, Squarespace etc. which are similar to Wix but overall Wix is much more intuitive. 



There are still many who would prefer their website being hand crafted from the scratch as many of the platform that are mentioned above will always have some or the other pros and cons or they wont allow customisation above certain limits. 

There is no bound in custom development and this can be done with sky being the limit. 

The usual problem is the development time as it can exceed to 3 weeks or more as per the design that is finalised. 

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"A unique feature of every company is a website. Don't let it be common!"

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