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Maximise your ROI with Ads

With Strategically Sensational Ad Campaigns

Let's have a focused approach

Leverage the robust influence of Quest For Tech’s phenomenal, data-driven ad campaigns to establish market dominance. Inspired by top-of-the-line technological advancements, latest digital tools, and an aim to accelerate profits, we lead the way when it comes to digital ads, be they precision-focused Google Ads or sales-boosting E-commerce-centred Social Media Ads.  

Scroll-Stopping Ads that Spike Up Clicks and Conversions

Quest for Tech makes the process easy for you by revolutionising your ad campaigns and making sure they land right at the top preference slot of your target audience. A well-targeted ad, after all, leads 49% of consumers to discover the perfect product, according to Sprout Social.  


With a central focus on compelling Google Ads for dynamic enterprises and specialised Social Media ads for E-Commerce businesses, our strategic systems help you identify your best KPIs, set up measurable milestones, create awe-inspiring campaigns, and optimise those campaigns for steadily increasing results. Through these proven systems, we deliver upon objectives like brand awareness, lead generation, and amplified growth in the revenue of your business.

Searches happen on Google

on Daily Basis



Social Media Potential to Grow a Product Business

3x - 10x


Our Ad Services

In the current digital climate, PPC campaigns that walk the walk beyond fancy tools and flashy trends are paramount to ensuring your business thrives in the digital realm and stays relevant. 


Our team gets the importance of going beyond lofty traffic stats and focusing on intentional targeting that brings in high-value, lead-generating traffic. The results from our systems invite your target audience right to your business’s doorstep and prompt action.

Google Ads

We understand the frustration of navigating complex meta ads and the constant struggle to be a global sensation in the age of viral marketing. QFT simplifies Facebook and Instagram ads for visionary businesses so that you can target your ideal audience and stimulate desired action without making your online presence a pesky annoyance.

From strategy planning to mapping out target audiences to creating scroll-stopping content, our social media maestros tackle it all so you can prioritise the ever-increasing varied demands of your business.

Social Media Ads

Want to Shape Your Success with Revolutionary Performance Marketing Solutions?  

Why Performance Marketing?

  • Performance marketing is a dynamic digital strategy that harnesses multiple channels to target precise audiences with ROI-centric campaigns. These campaigns are exceptionally trackable, powered by analytical insights, and meticulously tailored to achieve specific objectives, whether it's lead generation or conversion-driven sales. 

  • The goal of performance marketing is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns by focusing on measurable results, such as conversions and ROI, to ensure that marketing efforts drive tangible and positive outcomes for the business. 

  • Performance marketing includes digital strategies like SEM, affiliate marketing, social media ads, and email marketing, emphasizing measurable results such as clicks and conversions. It relies on data and analytics to optimise campaigns and deliver a strong return on investment.

  • We employ data-forward strategies and precise targeting to ensure that your ads are seen by the audience most likely to engage with your products or services.

  • Our approach combines the power of creativity and technical intelligence while keeping your business's unique purpose in focus. We create personalised, results-driven campaigns that resonate with your audience. 

  • Our expertise lies in Facebook and Instagram advertising, with a focus on E-commerce businesses. Our agile methods bring about remarkable success on these platforms and can help you achieve the same.

  • While specific results vary depending on your goals, our services are designed to maximise your return on investment (ROI), increase brand awareness, and generate leads that lead to business growth.

  • Yes, we offer ongoing support and continuously optimise your campaigns for improved performance. We're dedicated to your success. 

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