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Flaunt A Head-Turning Website

Let us be the Architects of your modern day websites!

Great Websites Catalyses Revenue and Growth

Unleash show-stopping success by employing Quest for Tech’s revolutionary, inventive approach to Website Development. Escalate the impact of your brand by letting your website be a revenue-boosting, growth-forward powerhouse.  

Why is Website Important?

Your website has about 50  milliseconds to form a positive impression before a user clicks away

0.05 Seconds

An optimal User Interface (UI) design has the potential to hike your conversion rates by 200%


 88% of consumers are highly unlikely to return to a website after a bad online experience.





Technology Stack

Our Gamut of Custom Website Development Services 

Our robust expertise in website design ensures that your website is a visually striking, interactive, engaging, user-friendly, revenue-generating machine. Through constant collaboration, we align your ideal website with your brand’s image and values.

Mesmeric Website Designing

Our website copies are designed for smooth sailing conversions. Through the power of clear, relevant, and consistent high-quality content, we create websites that read well and are tailored to your business and audience. 

Distinctive Web Content Creation 

What’s the point of all the glitz if your website is buried under the countless sites above yours? Our SEO optimisation strategies make sure your website is easily discoverable, relevant, and expertly positioned so the right people reach your beautifully created website. 

Strategic SEO Website Optimisation

At QFT, we understand that Web development is not an isolated process.  Our CRM-driven, seamlessly integrated, scalable and secure web development solutions also provide ongoing maintenance and support for flawlessly superior website performance. 

All-Inclusive Website Development

Lacklustre Shopify E-commerce stores leave a bad taste in the mouth of your potential customers. With our growth-focused E-Commerce Shopify systems you achieve impeccable integration, design customisation, well-structured configuration and holistic user experience.

Profit-oriented E-Commerce Stores

With QFT, your vision for your brand takes priority. From design & development to sales evaluations, we invite you to the full website development journey. Through effective communication, we create sites aligned with your business’s mission.   

Fully Customised End-to-End Process

Unleash Your Website’s Potential & Reel in Your Dream Customers?  


  • Website development is the process of building and enhancing websites for the Internet. It involves design, content creation, technical development, testing, security, and ongoing maintenance to provide a user-friendly and secure online experience.

  • Responsive website development is crucial because it ensures a seamless user experience across various devices and screen sizes. It enhances accessibility, boosts SEO, and accommodates the increasing use of mobile devices for web browsing, thereby expanding a site's reach and engagement. It's important to note that Google favours mobile-friendly websites in search rankings which makes responsive web development crucial for boosting web traffic and online visibility. 

  • Yes, you can develop a simple no-code site. However, a high-quality website that ticks all boxes from website design to content to SEO to site optimisation requires resources that go beyond day-to-day business needs. Besides the monetary expenditure, continuous time commitment is also a big factor in determining whether or not you should develop your own website.

  • If you dream of beautiful high-ranking websites that convert but fumble on the decisional precipice of time commitment, inadequate skillset and a clock that won’t stop ticking at light speed, maybe it’s time to explore better options. Outsource web development when you lack expertise and resources, or need cost efficiency, faster delivery, scalability, specialised skills, global perspective, risk mitigation, and ongoing maintenance, based on your site’s needs and business goals.

  • The right digital agency for your website development depends on your business model, your business’s mission and long-term goals. Some common factors that you should think about are defining goals, researching, reviewing portfolios, considering client feedback, assessing expertise, communication, budget, timeline, support, scalability, legal agreements, collaboration, innovation, and references. Besides these, considering the rapid technological advancements over the past few years, it’s essential to consider the futuristic outlook of an agency’s past projects.

  • Quest For Tech is an all-in-one solution for a plethora of website development services. Our specialised custom-created services include everything from website design to SEO-powered content development to site testing and launch. Through our ongoing optimisation processes, we tailor your site to the goals of your business.

  • The duration for designing and building a website generally spans 7-8 weeks. The project's intricacy and size are key variables that can significantly influence the overall duration needed for the website's design and creation.

  • Yes, our website development solutions are 100% accessible and secure. We implement industry-standard security practices, conduct regular assessments, and ensure data encryption. Our dedicated focus on security safeguards your website and users from potential threats. 

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