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Want To Dominate The Top Spots Of Searches? 

Get Discovered with QFT’s Futuristic,

Data-Backed SEO 

Turbocharge your SEO

We create strategies and skyrocket your brand to the top of the SERPs. Harness the power of our Radical Data-Forward SEO Process to invite the attention that your brand deserves. 

Overwhelmed by the Complexities of Modern-Day SEO?

Before landing here, you have probably broken your back trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Google’s Algorithm. Heck, you might even have gone all-in from time to time and gotten some striking results but overall, it feels a bit like steering a ship blindfolded in an increasingly turbulent sea, doesn’t it? 


That’s where we step in. 


Every day Google receives 3.5 billion+ searches yet 90.63% of webpages get no organic search traffic. All Clients at Quest for Tech are a part of the rare 9.67% that take up their rightful space on the net. 


Our innovative full-scale SEO solutions, covering all On-Page and Off-Page techniques, help both Google and your customers discover you. With built-from-scratch SEO optimisation processes, we make sure that your brand doesn’t just survive but thrives in the digital realm.   


Our formula is to keep all of our business practices ethical and transparent. We foster a client-facing culture and prioritise regular communication, questioning, and idea exchange with each client to inculcate better understanding and gauge results on a monthly basis.

Kushal Parikh

Founder - Quest For Tech

Let’s be honest, Search Engine Optimisation is a difficult journey to master. In the modern digital-first world, it can be utterly confusing, and frankly overwhelming, to nail your SEO efforts without draining your wallet. Hidden costs and new changes might sometimes seem like they emerge out of nowhere. 


At QFT, our core message is simple. We take the complexities of SEO out of the everyday struggles that come with running a business. You get to run your business peacefully and we handle all the technicalities that are hindering your website’s ability to rank.  


QFT is the home of some of the best talents in the digital field. Rather than guesstimating what may or may not happen, we operate on a basic framework that’s built for client success and then modify it as per your unique brand requirements. Every move that we make, whether it is publishing stellar, optimised content, building backlinks, or overall website optimisation, serves a quantifiable purpose. 


With SEO, there are no “Instant Results”. It’s all about patience and persistence. Small steps taken in the right direction every day are the gateway to achieving success in SEO. Our joy lies in helping you and your brand achieve the goals set in pursuit of your vision for your business.

Let's Make your SEO, Performance Oriented

Our SEO Services 

Algorithms can be quirky at their best and disruptive at their worst. QFT flaunts On-Page SEO sorcery by refining keywords, crafting optimised content, and brewing a custom concoction for organic traffic boost.

On-page SEO​

Crafting eye-catching content that ranks high, falls right in our wheelhouse. Our in-house squad harmoniously merges SEO expertise and creative prowess to deliver effective SEO content, tailored to your brand and audience.

Content SEO

Off-Page SEO champions trust. Our digital teams channel Google’s E-A-T motto to curate the right links, strategise guest posts, and mobilise community-building for strong site authority.

Off-Page SEO

Reverse SEO is a great way to ensure that your brands spam score is in check and all the harmful links that are pointing to your website are being taken care of in the best possible way.

Reverse SEO


Rapid Increase

in Organic Traffic


Increase in Sales 

in just one quarter

+7.55 Million

Surge in Impressions of an E-commerce Website


Swift Hike in 

engaged sessions

Our Crowning Glories

Ready to Achieve

SEO Excellence?

Why SEO?

  • SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of improving a website's ranking on search engines like Google in order to increase its organic traffic. The main purpose of SEO is to improve the quality and volume of website traffic by ranking higher on search engines and getting discovered by the target audience of a business.  

  • Through the utilisation of keywords, meta tags, content strategy, and other on-page and off-page methods, SEO increases the relevance and authority of a website. The latest technical configurations enable your site’s appeal to shoot up in the eyes of both your audience and search engines, improving its exposure and search engine ranks. 

  • Ranking in the top position on the first page of Google translates to a 39.8% organic click-through rate (First Page Sage, 2023). In simple terms, the higher your site ranks on Google, the better the chances of your business reaching its ideal customers and ultimately, making record-breaking sales. In a way, effective SEO transforms all your business practices and diversifies the expansion of your business.     

  • According to a study by Brightedge, SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media. The right SEO strategy helps your business get discovered, achieve conversions and grow consistently over a stretch of time.  

At QFT, we're SEO enthusiast, spearheading the digital landscape. Our SEO strategies merge industry and brand research with your business’s mission, scaling your revenue while seamlessly integrating into your brand presence.

SEO Strategy

Exhaustive SEO Audits of QFT delve into the nitty-gritty of your brand's digital performance, revealing faulty SEO mechanisms, unrealised content treasure troves, and lucrative possibilities, to produce a digital snapshot of the business.

SEO Audit

Frustrated by sluggish E-Commerce growth despite creating a product collection par excellence? Our E-Commerce SEO devises strategies for effortless discovery, ascension to top SERPs, uphill surge in traffic, and breakthrough sales records.

E-commerce SEO

87% of people rely on Google to evaluate local businesses. Our team pilots local digital strategies. We magnify your business’s impact with community-focused precision, attracting local customers, and impelling online visibility.

Local SEO