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How we took our client’s website SEO from 3k to 122k Impressions in 12 Months

Updated: Feb 23

In March 2021, when Swastik Glass started working with us, the site was already in operation for a year. The business field is a competitive industry with many competitor websites continuously optimizing and experimenting with popular and relevant keywords. Hence it was next to impossible for the site to bring results on its own, without an SEO-specific strategy. The impressions on the website were below 3k whilst there were around 60 clicks. The website DA and PA were 1.

Problem Statement

  • The website is not getting any organic leads

  • Market is saturated

  • Haphazard website content lacking keywords

initial data
The initial data of Swastik Glass in March 2021

SEO Results:

After a website audit, we took over the entire site’s UI and the creation of blogs. We redesigned the pages with optimized images and videos, inculcated the industry insights given by the client in the site content, and started a user-centric blog section.

By applying the various SEO practices in a systematic application, we were able to constantly control and monitor the data collected by the pages. This helped us to modify the strategies to gain optimum results where the website was lagging. This way we were able to deliver what we had promised to the client: A lead-generating website backed by successful Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s go through the process step-by-step.

Goals for the website

  • Lead Generation: Primary goal of the website is to get traffic from potential customers and eventually turn them into leads.

  • Increase Organic traffic: Getting the website to rank on the relevant search intent keywords.

  • Increase engagement: Encouraging longer sessions, improving Click-through rate (CTR), and decreasing bounce rate.


Step 1: Site Audit

  • To set an SEO plan in place, we combed meticulously through the website. We performed a comprehensive analysis of the website’s present performance and associated drawbacks.

  • We also analyzed the targeted users and keywords, and finally conducted a study of the competitor’s website and performance.

  • Swastik Glass site was marked with low volume keywords resulting in low traffic and no ranking on most of the productive business keywords. This resulted in low conversions.

Step 2: On-page optimization

  • Keyword Research: We researched and formulated some productive keywords primarily with the help of Google Keyword Planner and the Ubersuggest keyword tool. And then optimized the website content for users in consideration of the latest search engine algorithm.

  • Website UI: The website UI was restructured towards user experience improvement, the addition of industry information, content optimization, and image optimization for an enhanced speed.

  • Content Creation: The blogs on Swastik Glass are keyword-rich filled with user intent long-tail keywords, popular search queries, and visual content (Images & Videos), and catered toward solving common user queries and providing additional information.

What we mainly focused on was creating attractive & attention-grabbing titles. Our goal was to get the audiences interested in the blogs rather than just putting them up.

Similarly, we kept the meta tags attractive, short, and relevant according to the google quality standards - in a nutshell, SEO friendly!

This way the CTR improved for each page.

Average CTR
Average CTR after first 3 months


After 3 months, there was a significant increase in the traffic on the site. The average CTR for the web went from 1.8% to 1.4%, the impressions increased to 32.2k, and the average position improved to 41.2.

The graph below shows the influx of new users after the aforementioned changes were implemented to the website.

Google Data Studio
(Source: Google Data Studio)

Structured Data

Using Rich Features such as, FAQs, Videos, etc boosted the site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We targeted the following rich features:

  1. Rich Results

  2. FAQ Rich Results

  3. Videos


Previously Swastik Glass was only ranking in the SERP 45-100 on limited keywords without showing up in any google search intent queries. But after the implementation of structured data formats such as schema, the results were visible in ‘Rich Results’, ‘video results’, and the ‘People Also Ask’ section of the SERP.

Here are some of the SERP Rich results for Swastik Glass.

SERP Result 4
The snippet of Swastik Glass on SERP Result No. 4

video result
The video result of Swastik Glass on Position 1

Step 3: Off-page optimization

  • CPC Search Campaigns: Apart from strategic On-Page Optimisation, we successfully executed a number of CPC Campaigns in Search advertising to strengthen user engagement, lead generation, and conversions.

  • High-Quality Backlinks: Creating quality backlinks on high DA websites was another activity that helped to boost the Off-page SEO. We focused on creating an identity for the site on High-traffic Business directory sites, social media sites, and business-oriented social sites such as Linkedin and Quora.

We repurposed the blogs by posting their snippets on the aforementioned websites and encouraged the audience to visit our website for complete information.


The search ad campaigns generated a considerable amount of leads and impressions on the website. A total of 585 clicks and 7.67K impressions at an average conversion rate of 1.54% were generated.

However, the most peculiar thing that we observed was that Organic SEO was able to generate higher traffic as compared to paid campaigns and referral sites.

Google Data Studio
(Source: Google Data Studio)

Local SEO

With the google core update in 2021, the focus was shifted heavily to local SEO. High Ranking local keywords were embedded in the site content. We sent out weekly updates on the GoogleMyBusiness page which further boosted the organic search results, site visibility, and lead generation.

(Source: GoogleMyBusiness)


Swastik Glass Impressions
Swastik Glass Impressions after 12 months

For Swastik Glass, lead generation was the topmost objective, so we focused on on-site optimization which mainly involved the redesigning of the website’s homepage, the building of smart landing pages for CPC Campaigns, Image optimization to improve website speed and experience, the optimization of the contact process, and performing A/B testing or split-run testing. Currently, the website stands at DA 8, PA 26, and over 126k Impressions in the last 12 months.

The data that we have shared here about the impressions and users of our client’s website will impress some of you. But still, it is too early for that. The possibilities that SEO provides are limitless. With a careful methodology combined with a smart SEO strategy, anything is possible in the world of the internet.

Note: The owners of Swastik Glass decided to shift to a new brand and hence this website was redirected to another website.

Are you too interested in unleashing your website’s true potential with QuestForTech? We believe in using creativity and expertise to fulfill the vision of our customers. We look forwards to turning your dreams into a reality with our maverick ideas. So if you too are looking to take your business to the next level, contact us today!


SEO jargon used in the case study

What is keyword optimization in SEO?

Keyword research is the process by which a user researches for popular search terms that other people type into search engines like Google. The keywords are then strategically imbibed in the website content so that your website appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

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