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How Our Hospital Website Garnered 1 Million Impressions in Just One Year: An SEO Success Story

May 2022 Data
May 2022 Data - First month of the new website

December 2023 Data
December 2023 Data

Data as of November
Data as of November, 2023

Keyword Ranking December 2023
Keyword Ranking December 2023

Company Overview

Harsh Hospital & Maternity Home, located in Surat, Gujarat, is a multispecialty hospital offering treatments and surgeries for anorectal diseases, including Piles and Anal Fissures. They also provide maternity services, such as OBGYN care, normal delivery, C-section, and painless delivery.


When we started working with the Harsh Hospital team back in March 2022, we were presented with a poorly-created website and a challenge to turn it around. Harsh Hospital's previous website faced non-compliance with Google's algorithms, resulting in poor visibility and performance. Critical technical issues, including service page duplication, lack of structured data, plagiarized content, website navigation problems, and subpar blog content, needed immediate rectification to drive organic traffic through SEO.


The primary goal for Harsh Hospital was to attract more patients seeking Piles Laser Surgery. Additionally, they aimed to:

  • Generate local, national, and international leads.

  • Increase organic leads from the website by 2x.

Points of Action

To address these challenges, we employed a comprehensive strategy consisting of these points:

Website Migration

The website migration was a critical step in ensuring a seamless transition and preventing potential traffic and revenue losses. Our SEO Experts executed this process meticulously by filtering out the pages step by step to avoid getting any 404 errors on the website. By doing so, we avoided any major disruptions and maintained the website's overall functionality and performance during the transition.

Technical SEO

The most crucial part of the restructuring process was to get the Technical SEO in place. We successfully implemented it with this plan of action:

Structured Data Implementation

We incorporated structured data to make the website more search engine-friendly. This included regularly updating the website with fresh and relevant content (That included the targeted SEO keywords, Competitor Keywords, and best SEO practices) that was also helpful for the readers. This allowed search engines to better understand and present the content, enhancing the website's visibility in search results.

Mobile Friendliness Enhancement

In an era dominated by mobile users, ensuring a responsive and mobile-friendly website was paramount. We optimized the website's mobile performance and speed to provide an excellent user experience across all devices.

Improved Website Navigation

The user's journey on the website was significantly enhanced by improving navigation. Intuitive menus, clear pathways, and a logical layout were implemented to make it easier for visitors to find the information they needed.

UI/UX Optimization

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements were made to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website. These enhancements included better design elements, easy-to-read fonts, and intuitive interfaces.

A ‘Contact Us’ From, ‘Read more’ section and ‘Related articles’ section were also added to the blogs pages to help the readers find relevant information. This ultimately resulted in an improvement in the Website session time and a reduction in bounce rate. In addition to written testimonials, we established a special page exclusively for testimonials.

On this page, we seamlessly integrated our hospital's YouTube channel testimonials, many of which were conducted in Hindi or English. This clever move not only boosted the viewership of our YouTube channel but also proved immensely valuable to website visitors seeking information in languages other than English.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core web vitals such as page loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability were optimized. This helped in providing a faster, more responsive, and smoother website experience for visitors.

2x Growth in CTR Rate
2x Growth in CTR Rate

On-Page Optimization

We made a series of on-page SEO improvements, including optimizing title tags, header tags, URL structure, and internal links. These changes not only improved the website's search engine ranking but also enhanced the user's experience by making content more accessible and informative.

 On-page optimization
How On-page optimization has helped to improve traffic

Off-Page Strategy

To boost the website's overall authority, we executed a robust off-page optimization strategy. This involved securing high-quality backlinks from external websites, which increased the website's credibility and visibility. More backlinks and improved domain authority enhanced the website's performance. One thing we focused on was getting good-quality backlinks from local Directory websites based in Surat. This Local backlinking Strategy really helped the website gain a strong foothold in the city’s local searches.

Backlinks Overview
Backlinks Overview

Google My Business

In our quest to help the people of Surat City and nearby areas looking for Piles and Maternity Solutions, we knew it was crucial to have a user-friendly Google My Business Profile. We carefully filled it with all the necessary details like our website link, phone number, and address, ensuring that anyone searching for our services could easily find us.

But we didn't stop there. We kept our profile lively and updated by adding new pictures, blog posts, and labels regularly. This simple effort paid off remarkably - within just 5 months, our Business Profile Interactions jumped up by 11.7%! Plus, our website clicks saw an impressive increase of 25.8%! It's proof that keeping things fresh and accessible can make a big difference.

11.7% Increase in Business Profile Interactions
11.7% Increase in Business Profile Interactions

16.8% Increase in Calls
16.8% Increase in Calls made from the Business Profile

Website clicks
25.8% Increase in Website clicks made from the Business Profile

Direction requests
850+ Direction requests made from the Business Profile

Created Mind-Blowing Content

Harsh Hospital's website offered content that was informative, easy to understand, detailed and most importantly -verified by the doctors. This was not just a boon for our audience but also a strategic endeavour to align with Google's E-E-A-T guidelines, boosting our website's authority.

Growth of Organic keywords
Growth of Organic keywords

Our journey didn't stop there. We embarked on a comprehensive competitive analysis to carve out a tailored keyword strategy. This approach guided our content creation, ensuring it catered to our audience's specific needs and preferences.

In the realm of blogs, our strategy was twofold. First, we meticulously crafted informative pieces spanning a wide array of topics related to our services, treatments, facilities, and more. This served to cultivate an online identity for the hospital. However, our primary focus remained on Piles treatment, with a thorough exploration of related topics to establish our Topical Authority. This resulted in the website's highest ranking coming from Piles and its related keywords (Both in English and Hindi).

What truly made Harsh Hospital's website a SEO success story was the recognition of an uncharted territory. We observed that while plenty of information was available in English and Hindi, a significant gap existed in content written in Hinglish. This unique blend, combining Hindi and English, was the bridge many readers sought, given their varying language proficiency.

With this insight, we delved into creating multilingual blogs that seamlessly blended keywords from both languages. This innovative approach not only extended our reach to a diverse Indian audience but also filled a void in the market. We became the go-to source for those seeking a fusion of languages, effectively catering to three distinct language-reading audiences.

Continuously working to boost our brand's reputation and attract more visitors, we decided to lay special focus on Piles in our blog section. By using both Hindi and English effectively and choosing the right keywords, we successfully wrote and ranked numerous blogs in a short period. The result - The highest ranking pages on our website are the informative Piles blogs!

Highest Ranking Piles English keywords
Highest Ranking Piles English keywords

Highest Ranking Piles Hindi keywords
Highest Ranking Piles Hindi keywords

Conclusion on this SEO Success Story

In conclusion, Harsh Hospital's remarkable journey to prominence within the digital landscape is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and a deep understanding of the target audience's needs. By addressing technical issues, optimizing their Google My Business Profile, creating engaging content, and tapping into the unexplored territory of Hinglish content, Quest for Tech was able to achieve extraordinary results for Harsh Hospital. Harsh Hospital's journey stands as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through a well-executed digital marketing approach.

Insane Growth that we were able to achieve in just 6 months!

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